May 012016

This seagull fellow was hanging out on Fisherman’s Wharf, begging to be drawn!

I did this in pencil, pen, watercolors.


Apr 282016

When we visited San Francisco, I got some pictures of the Dragon Gate at the entrance to Chinatown. I loved this guy, he is a temple guardian statue, called by some a “Ming Dog”, or a “Foo Dog”. I have always thought these are so cool. Side note, they usually come in pairs.



Apr 252016

A gouache painting of a Deathclaw that I made for my husband.My husband is a big fan of the game Fallout.



Apr 212016

I went to San Francisco on vacation for a week with my husband to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

While in San Francisco, I took over 3,000 pictures. I’m planning on doing a series of drawings and paintings from some of those pictures. I will post them here every few days.


Apr 302015

Here is my new mixed media piece. Unfortunately my scanner kinda sucks. I get weird dots and lines in most of the pieces I scan in, plus my scanner hates the color blue. Sigh.

This piece is based on the new Netflix show “Daredevil”, which I enjoyed immensely! In the foreground is Daredevil’s normal persona blind lawyer Matt Murdock, while the shadow reflects of course his alter ego DareDevil.

Anyway! This piece was done with ink, art markers, watercolor-pencils and a gel pen. I really like the saturation of the markers, and the tones and grittiness of the watercolors.




Apr 232015

I started drawing this series recently. The dinos are drawn in ink, then colored with art makers and watercolors. I really like the saturation of the art markers, but the watercolor allows me a lot of range in color.

After I have colored the dinos, I scan them into my computer. Using Photoshop I cut out the dinos and put them on a background I have also scanned in, color-correct and finally add the frames.

If there is any interest in the series, I may add a few more!

If you should like to have a dinosaur on a shirt, pillow or other odd thing, please check out my RedBubble store!.

Feb 072015

For the curious, I decided to take pictures as I worked on my latest illustration. First I sketch out my drawing on heavy, mix-media paper. Then I go over my pencils in a water-proof ink, and when it is thoroughly dry, erase the pencil lines. Finally I begin to color the piece, I like to use watercolor pencils. I got Derwent watercolor pencils for Christmas, and I’m really liking how vibrant the colors come out.



Here is the final painting after I scanned it into my computer and Photoshopped it a little.


Feb 052015

DMW Pottery CatsI recently worked on a vase with friend of mine Don Williams of DMW Pottery Studio. Don and his wife Cristina make amazing hand-made pottery, Don throws the pottery on the wheel then Cristina decorates it.

Don throwing

Don throwing

Cristina decorating

Cristina decorating

DWM Pottery's amazing work

DWM Pottery’s amazing work


A customer of Don’s wanted a custom piece, being a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan he wanted a Jack Skellington vase. Don had seen some of my underglaze paintings before on pottery and asked if I wanted to work on the project with him, and I happily agreed!

Jack Skellington Vase front

Jack Skellington Vase front

Jack Skellington Vase back

Jack Skellington Vase back


Don supplied a blank bisqued vase, then I drew the design on in pencil, then I used Aamco underglaze paints. Don then fired the vase again to set the underglazes, then coated it in a clear glaze to protect and add the lovely gloss sheen.

I hope I get to work with Don & Cristina on more projects in the future..

Feb 042015

My husband is not an easy man to find presents for. I asked him what he wanted last Chrismas, and the only thing he wanted was for me to paint him a couple of custom drink glasses. Hey, that I can do!

So I used my Martha Stewart Stain finish craft paints on a clean glass from Big Lots. The first glass was from Adventure Time, featurning Finn & Jake.

20141031_113525 20141031_113428   20141031_113533








I’ve painted a couple of other glasses with the Adventure Time gang, I forgot to take pics of those, I’ll add them to another post later.

The second glass I did is Jebidiah Kermin from the Kerbal Space Program video game.

20141031_113608 20141031_113620









Well my husband really liked them, so I’m currently working on a couple more to add to our collection. When I get done with them I’ll add them as well.

Oh, the reason I use the Martha Stewart crafts paints is because they can be cured over the course of a month, or they can be baked in an oven. After the curing, the paint stays on the glass surface nicely. Some of my painted glasses I’ve had for over a year and they are holding up nicely. However I do wash them gently!


Aug 012014

My newest piece. Prince Oberyn Martell of House Martell. I’m going to be going to the Tampa Bay Comic Con on Aug 1st & 2nd, and the actor who plays Oberyn will be there! I hope I can sit in on his panel. I thought he was just amazing.

Drawn in Manga Studio.
Oberyn Martell


If you like this and would like to own your own copy, I have it for sale on both Red Bubble and Society 6..

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