May 012016

This seagull fellow was hanging out on Fisherman’s Wharf, begging to be drawn!

I did this in pencil, pen, watercolors.


Apr 282016

When we visited San Francisco, I got some pictures of the Dragon Gate at the entrance to Chinatown. I loved this guy, he is a temple guardian statue, called by some a “Ming Dog”, or a “Foo Dog”. I have always thought these are so cool. Side note, they usually come in pairs.



Apr 252016

A gouache painting of a Deathclaw that I made for my husband.My husband is a big fan of the game Fallout.



Apr 212016

I went to San Francisco on vacation for a week with my husband to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

While in San Francisco, I took over 3,000 pictures. I’m planning on doing a series of drawings and paintings from some of those pictures. I will post them here every few days.


Feb 072015

For the curious, I decided to take pictures as I worked on my latest illustration. First I sketch out my drawing on heavy, mix-media paper. Then I go over my pencils in a water-proof ink, and when it is thoroughly dry, erase the pencil lines. Finally I begin to color the piece, I like to use watercolor pencils. I got Derwent watercolor pencils for Christmas, and I’m really liking how vibrant the colors come out.



Here is the final painting after I scanned it into my computer and Photoshopped it a little.


Aug 012014

My newest piece. Prince Oberyn Martell of House Martell. I’m going to be going to the Tampa Bay Comic Con on Aug 1st & 2nd, and the actor who plays Oberyn will be there! I hope I can sit in on his panel. I thought he was just amazing.

Drawn in Manga Studio.
Oberyn Martell


If you like this and would like to own your own copy, I have it for sale on both Red Bubble and Society 6..

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