Feb 042015

My husband is not an easy man to find presents for. I asked him what he wanted last Chrismas, and the only thing he wanted was for me to paint him a couple of custom drink glasses. Hey, that I can do!

So I used my Martha Stewart Stain finish craft paints on a clean glass from Big Lots. The first glass was from Adventure Time, featurning Finn & Jake.

20141031_113525 20141031_113428   20141031_113533








I’ve painted a couple of other glasses with the Adventure Time gang, I forgot to take pics of those, I’ll add them to another post later.

The second glass I did is Jebidiah Kermin from the Kerbal Space Program video game.

20141031_113608 20141031_113620









Well my husband really liked them, so I’m currently working on a couple more to add to our collection. When I get done with them I’ll add them as well.

Oh, the reason I use the Martha Stewart crafts paints is because they can be cured over the course of a month, or they can be baked in an oven. After the curing, the paint stays on the glass surface nicely. Some of my painted glasses I’ve had for over a year and they are holding up nicely. However I do wash them gently!


Aug 012014

I created a Square store to try and sell my hand-painted cameos. If you are feeling generous, please share it with any friends that might like to wear very nerdy jewelry! 🙂

Here are a few of the pieces I have available:

Hand-Painted Spock Cameo from Deir John Studio on Square MarketHand-Painted Minecraft Creeper Cameo from Deir John Studio on Square Market

Hand-Painted Beemo Cameo from Deir John Studio on Square MarketHand-Painted Bender Cameo from Deir John Studio on Square Market

Command Star Fleet Hand-Painted Cameo from Deir John Studio on Square Market

Check out my Square Store to see more!
Deir John Studio


Jul 112012

My husband has made some beautiful pots this year that I can’t take any credit for. Here is a selection of ones I found particularly pretty.


If any of these strike your fancy just drop me a line and I can list it on Etsy..

Jul 102012

I’ve been on a bit of a Greek/Roman art kick lately. Check out some of the pieces we have made over the last few months.

The black and tan were painted with acrylics on a final fired vase that my husband threw, the black and white one was green-ware that I put a coat of black slip on and carved through. The large medallion I haven’t fired yet, it’s just a large flat pieces of clay I carved and sculpted. It should be interesting to glaze that one..

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