Feb 052015

DMW Pottery CatsI recently worked on a vase with friend of mine Don Williams of DMW Pottery Studio. Don and his wife Cristina make amazing hand-made pottery, Don throws the pottery on the wheel then Cristina decorates it.

Don throwing

Don throwing

Cristina decorating

Cristina decorating

DWM Pottery's amazing work

DWM Pottery’s amazing work


A customer of Don’s wanted a custom piece, being a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan he wanted a Jack Skellington vase. Don had seen some of my underglaze paintings before on pottery and asked if I wanted to work on the project with him, and I happily agreed!

Jack Skellington Vase front

Jack Skellington Vase front

Jack Skellington Vase back

Jack Skellington Vase back


Don supplied a blank bisqued vase, then I drew the design on in pencil, then I used Aamco underglaze paints. Don then fired the vase again to set the underglazes, then coated it in a clear glaze to protect and add the lovely gloss sheen.

I hope I get to work with Don & Cristina on more projects in the future..

Jul 112012

My husband has made some beautiful pots this year that I can’t take any credit for. Here is a selection of ones I found particularly pretty.


If any of these strike your fancy just drop me a line and I can list it on Etsy..

Jul 102012

I’ve been on a bit of a Greek/Roman art kick lately. Check out some of the pieces we have made over the last few months.

The black and tan were painted with acrylics on a final fired vase that my husband threw, the black and white one was green-ware that I put a coat of black slip on and carved through. The large medallion I haven’t fired yet, it’s just a large flat pieces of clay I carved and sculpted. It should be interesting to glaze that one..

Aug 122010

Fall is coming!

Well I have made my first successful coil pot! I’ve tried a few times before and my pots always turned out weird, stunted and lumpy.

With Fall right around the corner I have been trying to make some items for Halloween & Autumn. I haven’t carved a face in the pumpkin, so I’ll be able to leave it out all Fall season.

The pumpkin is pretty small, so I might try my hand at a larger one to see how I do. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I actually have a whole website devoted to Halloween so if you love it to check it out: HalloweenHobby.com.

Aug 022010

My husband and I are entering pieces into the Morean members only show in September. We are only allowed one piece person and the theme is the “Road Less Traveled”.

September 3-25, 2010

The Way Forward: Roads Less Traveled: 2010 Members Exhibition

Annual non-juried members’ exhibition held in conjunction with a month-long series of events celebrating member-artists, including workshops, critiques, and works for sale. This years’ members show theme will encourage artists to try something new, to submit a work of art using unorthodox or unusual materials and media, or create a piece that reflects a remote place, unusual combinations, or an innovative idea.

I am going to be submitting a status called “Cthulhu” and he is going to be submitting a wheel thrown vase in an African motif. My husband threw the vase, we thought the shape was interesting and we decided I would carve something into it.

Cthulhu is based on a creature from the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, a fantastic horror/Sci Fi writer from the early 20th century. Lovecraft is known for his surreal creatures and mind-bending story lines. There have been many interpretations of Cthulhu, this is mine.

African Style Vase

African style vase.


Cthulhu Statue


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