Apr 302015

Here is my new mixed media piece. Unfortunately my scanner kinda sucks. I get weird dots and lines in most of the pieces I scan in, plus my scanner hates the color blue. Sigh.

This piece is based on the new Netflix show “Daredevil”, which I enjoyed immensely! In the foreground is Daredevil’s normal persona blind lawyer Matt Murdock, while the shadow reflects of course his alter ego DareDevil.

Anyway! This piece was done with ink, art markers, watercolor-pencils and a gel pen. I really like the saturation of the markers, and the tones and grittiness of the watercolors.




Aug 022010

My husband and I are entering pieces into the Morean members only show in September. We are only allowed one piece person and the theme is the “Road Less Traveled”.

September 3-25, 2010

The Way Forward: Roads Less Traveled: 2010 Members Exhibition

Annual non-juried members’ exhibition held in conjunction with a month-long series of events celebrating member-artists, including workshops, critiques, and works for sale. This years’ members show theme will encourage artists to try something new, to submit a work of art using unorthodox or unusual materials and media, or create a piece that reflects a remote place, unusual combinations, or an innovative idea.

I am going to be submitting a status called “Cthulhu” and he is going to be submitting a wheel thrown vase in an African motif. My husband threw the vase, we thought the shape was interesting and we decided I would carve something into it.

Cthulhu is based on a creature from the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, a fantastic horror/Sci Fi writer from the early 20th century. Lovecraft is known for his surreal creatures and mind-bending story lines. There have been many interpretations of Cthulhu, this is mine.

African Style Vase

African style vase.


Cthulhu Statue


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